Live Stream (HD) - Hall 1

Brassbanned has always - and plans to always continue - offering an excellent quality live stream of the Australian National Band Championships. If you would like to watch the free SD version of this live broadcast (with good audio) Click Here

If you would like to pay $5, you can watch all bands and soloists in this hall in amazing HD - with superior sound quality! This is a new standard in live streaming. Promise. We appreciate all payments made... money raised is used to cover our cost, and invest in sending the Brassbanned Stream Team to cover more events right around the world!

Your $5 payment will give you access to this Hall's HD broadcast for the entire weekend. If you want to watch the HD stream in both halls, you will need to pay $10. Don't forget you will always have the option of watching SD for free.

Monday 6th April 2015
Open Bb Cornet19 entrants1:15pm
Open Eb Soprano11 Entrants 
Junior Champion of Champions 6:00pm
Open Champion of Champions